We propose 4 intense days of cycling in the area of southern Catalonia and to visit the regions of the Penedès, Tarragonès, Priorat and Conca del Barberà.
In these ready-made retail itineraries, you can enjoy the best cycling days in the morning and afternoon rest.
Going forward each day until completing the journey to the next town, LetsVelo will charge to bring the luggage to each town.

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SELF-GUIDED TOUR: 445€ pp, VAT included Group Discounts

Minimum 4 people, discounts for groups starting at 7.
You can choose to pay 25% booking fee or full amount. Balancing payment will be paid at our headquarters before starting the tour.

INCLUDED 4 days rent of a SPECIALIZED carbon bicycle (Helmet included).
3 days d’accommodation 3* Hotel in Tarragona, Falset and Espluga de Francolí.
Transport of luggage in each stage.
VILLAGES Vilafranca del Penedès, Tarragona, Falset, Espluga de Francolí and Santa Coloma de Queralt.
Punt de sortida: Cicles Sans SPECIALIZED CONCEPT STOREMapa
Distance: 225 km. (139 mi.)
Gradient: + 2990 m.

Upgrade the tour with:
Maillot and culot (5€ pp).
Bike shoes (7€ pp).
Support and provisioning van.
Visit to wineries (tastings included).

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Pics of Àngela llop

Dia 1: VILAFRANCA- TARRAGONA (62km/38 mi. +480m./-630m.)

We will leave the capital of wine, Vilafranca del Penedès, where we can see the peculiarity of a wine producing territory that will surely surprise you, going through Alt and Baix Penedès, we will leave the vineyards to reach Tarragona, the capital of the region and province, ancient Tarraco, an ancient city, where its cultural wealth and its warm beaches of the Costa Daurada stand out.


Bike Barcelona Wine and Cava in Penedes. LETSVELO BIKE TOURS

Dia 2: TARRAGONA – FALSET (57km/35 mi. +760m./-400m.)

We will leave Tarragona to take altitude and go to Falset, the capital of the Priorat, where the vine will once again take center stage, but in a different way, with height, and climbing in its mountains. Of course, the uniqueness of this area makes it the best internationally recognized wines.


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Dia 3: FALSET – L’ESPLUGA DE FRANCOLÍ (67km/41 mi. +1290m./-1210m.)

Marxarem de Falset fins a arribar a l’Espluga de Francolí, a la Conca de Barberà, poble d’interior, amb oferta cultural i de lleure estretament lligada als atractius naturals que té el seu terme.


Bike South Barcelona, near Tarragona. LETSVELO BIKE TOURS Barcelona

Dia 4: L’ESPLUGA DE FRANCOLÍ – STA COLOMA DE QUERALT (39km/24 mi. +460m./-190m.)

The last day will take us to Santa Coloma de Queralt, a town that traditionally and historically has been linked to the great natural region of La Segarra, let yourself be captivated by the beauty of its monuments and walk peacefully through its streets filled with history.
Here we will finish our trip through southern Catalonia.


Tarragona Cycling Routes - The best cycling routes in Tarragona

A big part of what makes a good route is the bicycle. So we rely on excellence and collaboration of Cicles Sans SPECIALIZED CONCEPT STORE for our routes.


Cycling Holidays BarcelonaThe Tarmac doesn’t do one thing well, it does everything exceptionally—which is why it’s been ridden to victory in all three Grand Tours. The Tarmac’s advanced materials add a modern edge to the lively character of a classic race bike, while its Rider-First Engineered™ design ensures that the Tarmac sprints, corners, and descends with uniform excellence across every size.


Cycling Holidays BarcelonaNamed for one of the sport’s most storied and demanding races, the Roubaix is built to excel on the worst roads and in nasty conditions. Smoother is faster, so the Roubaix’s carbon construction is designed to maximize vertical compliance, while Zertz inserts and a CG-R seatpost work to absorb road chatter. And to make the Roubaix feel stable and comfortable on the longest of rides, the frame is built with our Endurance Geometry.


Cycling Holidays BarcelonaSure, you train hard and eat right, but there’s just one thing missing—an edge. The Amira gives you two. First, there’s the performance edge you get from its FACT carbon frame and tapered head tube. The combination results in responsive handling and true get-up-and-go accelerations. Then comes the psychological edge. The feeling that, when teamed up with a lightweight, high-performance machine, there’s no limit to what you can achieve together.

Accommodations in 3 *** hotels in the following locations or nearby locations.




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